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American Liszt Society

What is A.L.S.U.S.

The American Liszt Society, founded in 1964, is dedicated to the life and work of the great Romantic composer and pianist Franz Liszt (1811-1886) and to the Romantic Era he represented.  For nearly six decades the society has promoted scholarship and musical activities in the fields of composition, performance, pedagogy, theory and music criticism.  The society’s activities, including its publications and the yearly national festivals have attracted a following of scholars, performers, composers, teachers, musicologists and critics alike.

Throughout its history the Society has endeavored to bring the music and philosophy of Liszt into a contemporary setting to aid and serve musicians, artists, teachers, students, musical professionals and amateurs alike by promoting high intellectual and artistic values and 

aesthetic standards.  As Liszt broke new ground, creating the music of the future, the Society strives to perpetuate Liszt’s contribution and his special message. 

The society’s membership is comprised of several local chapters in the US, which sponsor a variety of local events.  The annual National Liszt Festival is the focal point of American Liszt Society calendar of events. Each year ALS festivals, presented on campuses all across the US and abroad, have presented ALS member talent and outstanding guests in performance and research, celebrating Liszt, his influence, and his ideals.

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